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  • What is SomiiboScript?

    SomiiboScript is open source web software that you can use with Somiibo to create a bot of your own. Somiibo started out as a tool for blogging, but has evolved into a full-fledged system for developing, your own bots capable of performing powerful operations on websites, networks and communities.
  • What’s the difference between Somiibo and SomiiboScript?

    Somiibo is a platform for automating your social media. Somiibo offers a SoundCloud bot, an Instagram bot, a Twitter bot, a YouLikeHits bot, and more. These bots are premade and ready to go. You can use them right away, for free! Just head over to the download section of Somiibo. SomiiboScript is simply the language used to make the bots, allowing you full control over your own bot.
  • Why choose SomiiboScript?

    One of the principal advantages of SomiiboScript is that you are in control. Unlike other bot creating programs, you can experiment with your custom bot in real-time from within Somiibo. There is no additional installation. Unlike other software programs, there are not a million files to download and read. There are dozens of templates to edit to get your bot set up and running the way you want.
  • What are SomiiboScript's features?

    SomiiboScript has an extensive list of features and, as it is constantly evolving, this list of features is constantly growing.
  • Do I need to know coding to use SomiiboScript?

    You need to know how to use javascript. SomiiboScript is a package and API written in javascript to make developing your own bot simple and easy for anyone with minimal coding experience. In most cases, clear instructions are usually given within the documentation for each aspect of the API package.