Tips & Tricks

Here are some of our ideas that might improve your quality of life when developing modules for Somiibo

Final Thoughts

Building any sort of automation process can be rewarding but also frustrating. Remember, computers are dumb and they only become smart when you make them smart. That being said, here's a few things to remember:

  • Don't rely on something happening the same way every time. Sometimes things don't load fast enough, sometimes there are network dropouts, and sometimes things just randomly don't work right.
  • Build recursive checks into your modules. Similar to the above, sometimes things aren't always what they seem and you need to check a few different angles before making a conclusion.
  • Good modules take a long time to build. If you're fast, you might be able to hammer out a module in a day or two. But to get it working flawlessly for long periods of time you can expect development to take weeks or even months to get right. Don't get discouraged!
  • Our development channel on Discord is a lifesaver. If all else fails, you can join our Discord server and find the channel called #development. Developers like you ask and answer questions all the time here!

Happy developing!